A native (HDX/)-MS data treatment application dedicated to oligonucleotides
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Process HDX/MS, titration and kinetics experiments
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OligoR features

An R package for native (HDX-)MS, kinetics and titrations data treatment dedicated to oligonucleotides

Shiny app

An interactive application running in RStudio or a web browser, to go from raw data to publication-ready figures. Availble at oligor.seis.me

Data treatment

Experimental and theoretical isotopic distribution comparison, MS file import, scan combine, centroid calculation, intensity standardization, non-linear fitting, and more

Custom figures

Create custom, publication-ready figures

Open Source

Software GPL-3 licensed, open MS files (mzML, mzXML) input, export/import processed data in cross-platform formats (.csv, .xlsx), traceability (file names, scan numbers, m/z ranges). Source code on GitHub

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Anal. Chem. 2020, 92, 6, 4402-4410