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PDB Data Description Sequence Length Topology Quartets Diagram Structure
PDB Data Description Sequence Length Topology Quartets dG | dC | dA | dT dG | dC | dA | dT | ligand
22AG (143D) Solution structure of the human telomeric repeat d[AG3(T2AG3)3] G-tetraplex
NOTE: 22AG is polymorphic in KCl solutions, 143D is only one possible conformer
AGGGTTAGGGTTAGGGTTAGGG 22 polymorphic (shown conformer: antiparallel) NA
1XAV Major G-quadruplex structure formed in human c-MYC promoter, a monomeric parallel-stranded quadruplex TGAGGGTGGGTAGGGTGGGTAA 22 parallel 3
2GKU Monomeric human telomere DNA tetraplex with 3+1 strand fold topology, two edgewise loops and double-chain reversal loop TTGGGTTAGGGTTAGGGTTAGGGA 24 hybrid 3
2HY9 Human telomere DNA quadruplex structure in K+ solution hybrid-1 form AAAGGGTTAGGGTTAGGGTTAGGGAA 26 hybrid 3
2JPZ Human telomere DNA quadruplex structure in K+ solution hybrid-2 form TTAGGGTTAGGGTTAGGGTTAGGGTT 26 hybrid 3
2JSM Monomeric human telomere DNA tetraplex with 3+1 strand fold topology, two edgewise loops and double-chain reversal loop TAGGGTTAGGGTTAGGGTTAGGG 23 hybrid 3
2KF8 Structure of a two-G-tetrad basket-type intramolecular G-quadruplex formed by human telomeric repeats in K+ solution GGGTTAGGGTTAGGGTTAGGGT 22 antiparallel 2
2KM3 Structure of an intramolecular G-quadruplex containing a G.C.G.C tetrad formed by human telomeric variant CTAGGG repeats AGGGCTAGGGCTAGGGCTAGGG 22 antiparallel 2
2KPR Monomeric intronic human chl1 gene quadruplex DNA GGGTGGGGAAGGGGTGGGT 19 hybrid 3
2KYP Monomeric Human CKIT-2 proto-oncogene promoter quadruplex DNA CGGGCGGGCGCTAGGGAGGGT 21 parallel 3
2LBY G-quadruplex structure formed at the 5'-end of NHEIII_1 element in human c-MYC promoter TAGGGAGGGTAGGGAGGGT 19 parallel 3
2LEE G-quadruplexe adopted by a sequence from intron of N-myc gene TAGGGCGGGAGGGAGGGAA 19 parallel 3
2LK7 Monomer-dimer equilibrium for 5'-5' stacking of propeller-type parallel-stranded G-quadruplexes TTGGGTGGGTGGGTGGGT 18 parallel 3
2LOD Solution-state structure of an intramolecular G-quadruplex with propeller, diagonal and edgewise loops GGGATGGGACACAGGGGACGGG 22 hybrid 3
2LPW Human CEB25 minisatellite G-quadruplex AAGGGTGGGTGTAAGTGTGGGTGGGT 26 parallel 3
2LXQ Monomeric PilE G-Quadruplex DNA from Neisseria Gonorrhoeae TAGGGTGGGTTGGGTGGGGAAT 22 parallel 3
2M4P Solution structure of an intramolecular propeller-type G-quadruplex containing a single bulge TTGTGGTGGGTGGGTGGGT 19 parallel 3
2M27 Major G-quadruplex structure formed in human VEGF promoter, a monomeric parallel-stranded quadruplex CGGGGCGGGCCTTGGGCGGGGT 22 parallel 3
2MGN Solution structure of a G-quadruplex bound to the bisquinolinium compound Phen-DC3 TGAGGGTGGTGAGGGTGGGGAAGG 24 parallel 3
2N4Y Structure and possible function of a G-quadruplex in the long terminal repeat of the proviral HIV-1 genome CTGGGCGGGACTGGGGAGTGGT 22 parallel 3
2O3M Monomeric G-DNA tetraplex from human C-kit promoter AGGGAGGGCGCTGGGAGGAGGG 22 parallel 3
21G (4DA3) Crystal structure of an intramolecular human telomeric DNA G-quadruplex 21-mer bound by the naphthalene diimide compound MM41
NOTE: 21G is polymorphic in KCl solutions, 4DA3 is only one possible conformer
GGGTTAGGGTTAGGGTTAGGG 21 polymorphic (shown conformer: parallel) NA
5I2V NMR structure of a new G-quadruplex forming sequence within the KRAS proto-oncogene promoter region AGGGCGGTGTGGGAATAGGGAA 22 parallel 3
5LQG A two-quartet G-quadruplex formed by human telomere in KCl solution at neutral pH TAGGGTTAGGGTTAGGGTTAGG 22 antiparallel 2
5NYS M2 G-quadruplex dilute solution TAGGGACGGGCGGGCAGGGT 20 parallel 3
5YEY The structure of a chair-type G-quadruplex of the human telomeric variant in K+ solution GGGTTAGGGTTAGGGTTTGGG 21 antiparallel 3
6GZN Adenine-driven structural switch from two- to three-quartet DNA G-quadruplex GGGTAGGGAGCGGGAGAGGG 20 antiparallel 3
HIV-PRO1 Two G-tetrad antiparallel G4 with an additional Watson–Crick CG base pair from the HIV-1 promoter region TGGCCTGGGCGGGACTGGG 19 antiparallel 2

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